Tracy Sutherland

General Manager Commercial Division, Bas-Serco Ltd.

Tracey joined Bas-Serco in August 2001 as a temporary employee and she was hired on full time in October of 2002. She runs the facilities maintenance department within the Commercial Division.

Educated in Newfoundland Canada, Tracy spent 10 years working in West Africa.

Greg Woods

General Manager, Integrated Technology Solutions Ltd.

Greg Woods is the founder and CEO of the Integrated Technology Solutions Ltd. He has over thirty years of experience in the Telecommunications and Audio Video industries. Greg served for sixteen years as an electronics engineer specializing in satellite technology and a range of telecommunications and audio video systems for Cable and Wireless Bermuda. 

He then progressed to assume various sales and marketing senior management roles within the company, both locally and in overseas offices. Greg is a graduate of the Cable and Wireless Engineering College UK, and he received an Executive Diploma in Business Management from the University of the West Indies.

George Hammond

Managing Director, Weir Enterprises

George founded Weir Enterprises in 1972 after seeing a need in the parts and service industry and recognizing his desire to start his own venture. George is responsible for overseeing the company’s employees and consulting on cases.

George came to Bermuda from the UK in 1960. Prior to founding Weir Enterprises, George was a member of the Bermuda police force.

Jeff Cook

General Manager, Weir Enterprises

Jeff began at Weir Enterprises Ltd. as the company’s General Manager in 1989. He has over 50 years experience working in the automotive trade industry.

At Weir Enterprises Ltd., Jeff is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, which includes strategic planning, delegating, coordinating and decision-making. He is also responsible for managing both the company’s revenue and expenses.

Originally from the UK, Jeff moved to Bermuda in 1969 and joined the team at Vauxhall/ VW Dealers, which later became Masters Ltd. In 1985, Jeff moved to Lucas House, where he remained until joining Weir Enterprises Ltd.